Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AURA 3DEE Assembly Guide

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Replace bearings to plastic housings

 mount housings to plates,than you can mount clamps to plates.

Replace 43mm screws to holes except 2 holes.Use 50mm screws to 2 holes of plate.

Mount L joiners to plate with 6mm m3 screws.

 Mount CopterFrames pan axis motor to plate with 6mm m3 screws.

 Mount circle plate to other side of motor with 6mm screws

 Replace 10mm inner dia clamp between L joiners.use 25mm screws.

 Replace 70mm m6 screw .

 Replace 5mm brass tube.

 Replace 230mm carbon booms before tighten screws.

 Now,we can mount pan motor.

 Replace 10mm brass tube.

Mounting part structure:

 And finally it is ready to for your frame. A little trick,please be carefull when you tighten the center must be tightened but not too much.Motor-shaft must turn without friction.

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