Friday, July 26, 2013

AURA DSLR Gimbal Assembly Guide

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First of all, we need 2 pcs of this part for mounting 140mm arms to 210mm roll boom:

This part is one of our roll plates bearing structure:

After assembly first parts we need to assembly back part of roll:

Ready to fix but we will not for the screws to their holes but dont tighten them:

Placement of the 100mm carbon boom: 

We need to place motor to back plate :

Place the clamps to holes but dont tighten the screws: 

210mm carbon boom placement,you can tighten nuts to screws but not to have to move roll motor to balance it:

Placement of the 140mm carbon booms to roll booms.Of course they must be parallel:

This angle must be 90 degrees when you tune it:

Tilt motor assembly:

Tilt axis 2. part:

Tilt axis on Gimbal:

Camera tray:

Camera tray assembled to gimbal:

controller plate :

Mounting part:

Fully assembled : 

Easy tuning and balancing guide will be here in a few days.

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