Tuesday, July 10, 2012

G.O. Assembly Guide

G.O. Camera Gimbal Assembly Guide

G.O. is a middle size camera gimbal from CopterFrames.
Rigid,strong and smooth G.O. ,moves with a middle size for roll and a standart size servo for pitch axis.
It has 2:1 mxl belt reduction on  2 axis and of course  designed with bearings on these axises.Bearings and belts provides smooth movements.
Widht: 226mm
Camera space: width 154mm  / height 120mm 
It can fits Canon d550(T2i), Panasonic GH2,Sony nex5N etc..
Weight with servos: ~340gr
It can carry cameras ~1200gr

We introduce 3 systems of G.O.
1.Kit G.O.
Includes all necessary  parts of G.O.  w/o servos. 
2.Kit with servos G.O.
Includes Kit G.O. and additionally 1x hacked Hitec hs-645MG with potentiometer for pitch axis,1x hitec hs-225MG for roll axis.
3.RTF G.O.
Includes assembled G.O. camera gimbal with servos.You can plug it direct to your setup.  

Roll axis bearings

Location of the roll axis bearings

Hitec HS225mg Roll servo and necessary hardware 

Mounted roll servo

Tilt mechanism

Mounted Holders for tilt

Location of the tilt mechanism bearings

Mounted  potentiometer 

Roll servo ready..

Parts of the upper side

First spacer on the m4 long screw is the smaller one
Second one is at the rear side


Left side mounting --potentiometer 

Center screw 

Ready to tuning

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