Thursday, March 15, 2012

Copterframes Hexacopter Assembly Guide

Copterframes Hexacopter Basic kit includes:
-6x360mm black eloxalled,predrilled arms
-2 center plates
-12 x m3 20mm screw
-6 x m3 25mm screw
-18 x m3 fiber nut

Copterframes Hexacopter Product page

                    First of all,prepare arms with motors for centerplate assembly. Make sure all motor threads locked with threadlocker.

Location of the 20mm and 25mm screws

Replacementof the centerplates with arms.You can mount all electronic equipments in this sequance.

 Mounting the Hp-2 landing gears with 25mm screws

Ready to standup :)

Assembly the lipo holder

After mounting the landing gears,you can mount the lipo holder with spacers.Be carefull that,velcro strap holes must be same side :) .Make sure all threads locked with threadlocker.

Preparing the mounting boom   
Replace an insert to hole of the boom.Please use epoxy glue for fix it in the boom.Don't fix other side before mount to the gimbal.

Structure of the mounting boom 

Please be sure the distance of mounting holes before glueing other insert.You must check it with distance of the 15mm spacers under the lipo holder. 

Mounting the gimbal 

Mounting the gimbal to final location.Make sure all threads locked with threadlocker.

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