Friday, February 17, 2012

Copterframes 3.axis module

 I m planing to design a module for all gimbals.Of course it is fits perfect to my gimbal,but everyone can use it them multicopters.
 First of main purpose i was desined a basic structure.a module for paning gimbal.It must have a huge mounting surface for variety of gimbals.i decided 120x120mm  enough for popular gimbals.
 Plates was cutted from gfk sheets..some mounting elements too..i was hacked a hxt12 servo for this project.I think a hacked servo must be in final products case.It is too easy hacking servos but everyone dosnt like this soldering job..
 after assembly all,i have a speedy pan module.i decided to add some reduction in it.if i run full speed this servo,i dont need to arm multi's rotors for flying :)

 this is the first project a couple days i will add a reduction to it and share some videos .

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